League Meeting Minutes 23/03/2017
Posted by pot black on 05 04 2011 09:14

Minutes of 2017 League AGM held on Monday 14th August 2017 in Cawburn.

Teams in attendance:- Cawburn 1, Cawburn 2, Cawburn 3, Cawburn 4, Cawburn 5, Ewington, Paraffin Lam A & B.

Apologies received: Commercial A & B

1. Chairman’s address to the league.

2. The minutes of the 2016 League AGM meeting held on 15th August 2016 were tabled and agreed as accurate. Proposed Gerry Colvin, Seconded Jeff Mathieson.

3. Treasurers Report submitted and agreed as correct. Proposed Allan Aird, Seconded Danny Mathieson.

4. Committee Election for 2017-18 Season. The newly appointed committee members were agreed as follows:

Chairman – M Cowan
Treasurer – S Kynoch
IM Secretary – R Peebles
Fixture Secretary – W McEwan

5. Constitution:
The proposed League Constitution amendments were discussed where the following changes were agreed:

Topic: Players on International Duty

Where a League team has 1 player away on SPA International Duty which renders the player unavailable for a Livingston & District League fixture then that team can make a request to the League Committee that the fixture be postponed to a future date. The League Committee must be advised of the request to postpone the fixture. The League Committee will then consider the request. If the request to postpone is sanctioned then the committee will agree a fixture replay date with both teams involved.

6. A discussion took place related to the continuation of selling the First Goal Tickets this season and whether any adjustment to the ticket selling price could be made to reduce the financial commitment of teams in the league. Also tabled were alternative means of generating income for the league as a potential replacement to the First Goal tickets.

An alternative proposal was to charge each team player, as recorded on the weekly League Match Team Sheet, £1 per player per week fixture played. i.e. a team recording 6 players on their League Fixture Score sheet would be due £6 for that week. A team recording 8 players would be due £8.

It was agreed that the new £1 per player/league match would be adopted this season.

7. It was agreed to continue with the League Fixture format of 14 singles consisting of 3 sets of singles in a 5-5-4 format. A blackball shootout will be played if a 7-7 result occurs.

8. Malcy Cowan, Cawburn Inn, confirmed he would sponsor the league competitions for £300 this season.

This being all the general business the Chairman and Treasurer then presented the prizes to the winners of last years competitions.